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A stellar work culture

Exceptional cohesion and team spirit characterize our Tampere office. Our people say that this is their second home where caring and people first attitude are always present. We're managed by our values: trust, transparency, continuous improvement and caring. Our motto for fun and extra-curricular activities is "if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing".


You create our clients' future

Working in close cooperation with clients, you'll be able to give recommendations on ways of working, methods, technologies and architectural choices. You can take genuine ownership and responsibility of projects and have access to the best technologies, services and professionals. We proudly utilize our own design framework, Lean Service Creation, as the foundation for our service innovations.

We are recognized as a partner creating state of the art deliverables to our clients. Our projects frequently feature React, Redux, React Native, Node.js, Native iOS/Android, Python, Typescript, Scala, AWS / Azure and Serverless.


The best ways of working

We use lean and agile ways of working in multidisciplinary teams where technology, business and design share a common goal. You get to choose your own tools, starting from work phone and laptop, and our clients often ask us for consultation on matters related to ways of working. We promote positive culture and share best practises from previous successful projects with our clients.

We are known for getting sh*t done with high quality. Our end-to-end build & delivery mindset drives us to be on the pulse of the ever-changing world around us.


International work community

Futurice has a strong homebase in Finland, but we're constantly expanding. In addition to Tampere and Helsinki we have offices in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, London and Stockholm and our employees represent over 40 nationalities.

We are serving our global clients also from Tampere with remote teams. It means you don't need to leave Tampere to work with big global clients around the world. If, on the other hand, you want to work abroad too we offer opportunities ranging from one-week trips to expat arrangements spanning multiple years.


Work-life balance

You decide your own working schedule and work where you want, when you want. We support remote working because results matter but locations don't. That said, our office atmosphere does exert a gravitational pull of sorts. Our cozy office and laid back atmosphere in our multipurpose office is something you need to see and feel to understand what we are talking about.


Transparency, freedom and accountability

All Futurice employees have full visibility into company numbers and decision making on a monthly basis. We actively discuss company level decisions on our channels, and all comments and ideas are welcome. Everyone gets a company credit card and can freely use it to purchase stuff to make work better, e.g. order books or trainings, pay taxi fares, sponsor events, take the team out for a beer or go on a conference trip.


Ultimate learning platform

At Futurice you can use part of your working time to proactively learn new stuff. While most learning happens in projects, we actively support your professional development outside of them as well. You'll get compensated for your hobby open source work and teaching others. Futurice spends over 3 million € on learning per year.

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